Sindhi Panchayat

    • The main goal of Sindhi Panchayat Ellisbridge is to promote the cause of Sindhi language literature & culture.

      The Sindhi Panchayat Ellisbridge is registered under public trust act & society act. We currently have over 800 member across the Western Ahembadbad city and have been supporting community associations and organisations since 1966. This Sindhi Panchayat Community and their volunteers are the backbone of civil society and are essential to the welfare of the Sindhi and Society in which they operate and the individuals that connects each other. The functions of Sindhi Panchayat Ellisbridge are managed by managing committee appointed by President who is elected every two years by general body of life members.

      Our work promotes:

      Stronger bonds between Sindhi's, where inclusive relationships build trust and mutual support and create communities in which everyone is valued.

      Stronger bonds between all communities while, where diverse relationships are strengthened and fear, mistrust and social breakdown are prevented.

      Active and enterprising Sindhis, where local people come together to participate and work in partnership to contribute to a vibrant community life Self-help, where people can

      work with business, government and others to find their own solutions to local problems.

      Space for open debate, where local people’s voices can be heard and their opinions valued Community identity, where local people have a sense of belonging and pride in their neighbourhood.

      Major activities of Sindhi Panchayat Ellisbridge

      1. To celebrate religious & cultural events like Gurunanak Jayanti, Chetichand, Holi, Picnic etc.

      2. To felicitate bright Sindhi student & extend financial assistance to needy student.

      3. Marriage bureau of Sindhi Panchayat Ellisbridge imparts matrimonial service to marriageable candidates.

      4. Sindhi Panchayat Ellisbridge office has hall, bedrooms, kitchen etc. This facility can be availed by members on payment of reasonable charge.

      5. Sindhi Panchayat Ellisbridge has large stock of vessels & utensils for cooking & catering. These are given to Panchayat members on payment of nominal charges.

      6. For any query, contact us by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

      Words by President of Sindhi Panchayat | Ellis-bridge Ahmedabad.
      Shri. Vasudev Goplani
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